Scott Damgaard — “Hidin’ Out on Titan”



Scott Damgaard’s songwriting is prolific, and he draws on and reflects so many influences it is hard to imagine how he can keep it all whirring in his head. His new album, “Hidin’ Out On Titan,” weaves together the threads masterfully. What emerges is an eclectic collection of songs that feel as if they have been pulled down from a heavenly cloud of the classic rock stratosphere of the 1960s and ’70s — all with an incredible and contagious energy. There are Beatles-esque layers, and all the songs on his sixth album feature shrewd lyrics and playful twists. It reaffirms and celebrates not only Scott’s lyrical genius, but everything we love about music.

Whether it’s the clever whimsy of “She Left Me For A Robot” (“She brought her new machine home from the laboratory/I was shocked to see just how much it looked like me … Am I living’ in a Twilight Zone?/Whatever happened to flesh and bone?”) and “Wanna Be Your Frankenstein,” or the Celtic-flavored modern lament “Nobody Understands Nothin’ No More”” (“Commentators, pundits and paid talking heads tear each other down no matter what’s said”), Damgaard strikes a chord with each tune.

Boston is lucky that this Milwaukee transplant decided to set down his musical roots here. “Hidin’ Out On Titan” is so deep and bright, it may be hard to keep it under wraps on that largest moon of Saturn. In fact, at this rate Scott Damgaard may soon be doing rings around Titan.

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