Danielle Miraglia & The Glory Junkies at the Fallout Shelter


Danielle Miraglia is like a musical butterfly who’s been granted unlimited creative metamorphoses. Even her musical chrysalis stage was a surprise emergence. Unlike so many Boston artists who attended one of the city’s many music schools, Miraglia went to Emerson College, graduating with a creative writing degree. Though she owned an acoustic guitar she seldom played anywhere but at home, she hadn’t given any thought to making a career as a singer-songwriter until one fateful night at the famous, now-defunct Kendall Cafe. She went to an open mic at the Kendall just to watch and absorb. It didn’t take long for it to register with her: “I thought, ‘That’s what I want to do: Get on stage to do my storytelling that way.’” Voila!

Her evolution as a songwriter and performer since then has been remarkable. She quickly won great acclaim and a faithful national and regional following after beginning as a “folk-blues” picker, and it’s a persona she still skillfully embraces in solo shows, but to hear her musical storytelling with such a fine backing band as the satirically named Glory Junkies (Laurence Scudder, viola; Erik White, guitar; Chris Anzalone, drums; and Jim Larkin, bass) is an entirely different dimension. That soul of a creative writer thrives in a vast range of musical styles. Danielle now rocks an electric guitar with equal aplomb, and all with a rocking and soulful energy that pays homage to top influences such as Janis Joplin, Prince and the Stones. No matter how Danielle Miraglia’s stories unfold on stage, they are a joy to hear.

She and the Glory Junkies wowed the sellout crowd during their live-stream taping at the Fallout Shelter, playing tunes from the band’s second album, “All My Heroes Are Ghosts ” — now billed under the moniker “Danielle M & the Glory Junkies (sparing DJs the quandary of the pronunciation of her last name). Those stories she dreamt of telling musically on stage are now like butterflies of their own.