Club d’Elf with Brahim Fribgane & Duke Levine at the Lizard Lounge


It was such a trip (in the psychedelic realm) to see Brahim Fribgane & Duke Levine playing with Club d’Elf in the first of two sold-out shows at the Lizard. After immigrating to America from Morocco some 20 years ago, Brahim then helped steer Club d’Elf down the path of Moroccan-infused trance jazz and funk it had set out upon. He since moved on to New York, and has gone on to tour the world with artists as diverse as Peter Gabriel, Paula Cole, Adam Rudolph, Larry Coryell, Pete Seeger and Medeski Martin & Wood.
Club d’Elf’s improvisational waves and mesmerizing fusion of sounds is both addictive and mind-absorbing. Sometimes it sounds like Weather Report, sometimes like Mile Davis in his most psychedelic bent. But it always sounds distinctly d’Elf. Last night, Brahim added some highly spiritual vocals indicative of North African/Gnawa chants. Simply spine tingling. Hopefully Brahim returns early and often to grab the Club e’Elf wheel again.